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sendmetodisney's Journal

Send Me To Disney
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I'm a 28 year old stay at home mom to 3 kids. I live in a high cost area with low paying jobs, thanks to both a college campus, and a casino. With no degree, finding a job that would pay me enough to make money after the cost of day care is next to impossible.

Because of some health issues, working long hours is also impossible. So, I stay at home. I do some web design for free. I watch TV. I go to the park. I try to make sure the kids are happy, and that we have what we need.

But after a while, you realize that there are wants, too. Right now, I want to take my kids to Walt Disney World. So, I enter contests, and maybe I'll win one. But if I don't, well.. I can wait, I suppose.

I see people asking for money all the time. One woman I know of online asks for (and recieves) money every month to pay her bills. Seriously, she'll post something to the effect of, "I got a notice, my electric will be shut off next week if I don't pay $250 by Friday! Please donate!" And she gets it. It amazes me.

I'm not entirely comfortable asking for money, but I figure if someone wants to donate a quarter and a bazooka joe bubble gum (for karma!), I'll take it. I won't beg for it, and I'm not going to make excuses saying that I -need- the money. I would like money, sure. I would love to do a vacation, and I will be saving my own pennies, but hey, if you want to donate, feel free! I would love to accept donations towards sending my kids to Disney.

My kids are:
Raegan Amanda, age 10, who will be starting the 5th grade next year. Raegan was born the day after I turned 18. I was young, and yeah, I probably wasn't ready, but I've done all right with her, I think. She loves to read, and is getting all social on me. She's constantly calling her friends, and often spends the night with one of her many friends.

Christian Michael, age 7, who will be starting 2nd grade next year. Chris is my only son, and he has severe ADHD, and is quite possibly bi-polar, though we have not had all the tests done for the bi-polar yet. His medications are expensive, and without them, he can't attend school, though we have yet to find one that helps him completly. Chris made gigantic strides in school this year. He only started his medications in November. Before that, he was reading at a kindergarten level, couldn't sit still long enough to write out anything, and was kicked off the bus multiple times. That in and of itself was a hardship for us, as we are a 1 car family, a car which died in November, and wasn't replaced until early March. After his meds, Chris went from a kindergarten reading level, to testing the top of his class in reading, and testing at a high 3rd grade level. Chris is a very bright little boy, he just doesn't have the capibility to concentrate his efforts. He has few friends because of his medication problems. Kids just do not want to be friends with a boy who can't pay attention to them, or might start yelling at them for no reason.

Gillian Lyla Isabella, age 4. She's our baby. Gillian is also ADHD, though she is too young to medicate, and currently only responds to one on one attention. That isn't a problem during the school year, when it's just me and her at home, but at night, on weekends, and now, in the summer, she's hard to handle. She's loveably, and will snuggle us, but she also can't stop moving. She has something wrong that causes her to move perpetually. If she is sitting down, she rocks her body very hard back and forth so she bounces off the back of the chair, or car seat. She is not violent, but she has hurt herself in the past on accident. She is going to start pre-school in the fall, and we can't wait. She'll be in class 3 hours a day, 4 days a week. We hope this will be very good for her.

If for whatever reason you don't like me asking for money, I'm sorry. I am NOT expecting to actually get money. If I do, I'd be -shocked- to say the least. But, on the off chance that I do, I'll also be extremly appreciative. I might even make sure I have some sort of a digital thank you note from the kids to send to anyone who donates to us.

So... I guess, if you don't like it, I'm sorry, but please don't flame me. If you do donate, thanks. Seriously, I'd appreciate even a quarter.

In the end- this is my journal of trying to win or buy a trip for my family. I'll post what I do every day to save money, or win a trip, too.

For donations:

kotl@kotl.org is our paypal address.