ficsbygilly (ficsbygilly) wrote in sendmetodisney,

Long past due update!!

Ok, well, for starters Google nixed our account after it reached $115. They insist we were using programs to click illegally, when we were not. :( They, of course, will not be sending our money. So... Here's our update.

$10 in checks from Pinecone Research
$13 in paypal from
$20 Donation from a nice girl at
$100 Contest Win
$5 in paypal before hand
$10 deposited into paypal
$158... yeah, less than before, but that google money never came. :(

That is another split-the-money type site. Today is the last day. Just as I break out ahead, and get a comfortable lead, someone sweeps in and gets a HUGE amount of clicks that seem nearly impossible! Seriously, I can click and click and click and not catch up. Earlier, between hubby & me, we had almost 60 windows open and refreshing. One person came in and went from being about 360 clicks behind me, to being over 500 ahead of me. In 10 minutes.

So, while it would be nice, I doubt I'll win this month. But there's always August!!
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