ficsbygilly (ficsbygilly) wrote in sendmetodisney,

Disney, disney, disney!

So, hubby told me the other night that on the shockingly high chance I don't actually WIN a trip to Disney, or save the money right proper like, we can go with our taxes when our youngest daughter is 7. That would be in 2009. Hmm.. must win trip before then. Yes.

I found my disney book in the garage whilst preparing for a yard sale! Yay! It's a Birnbaums Guide, which is an awesome book, from 2000. Some of the info is out dated, but mostly just price wise. It's still an awesome book. It has a step by step guide through each park, including awesome tips on when to hit certain things, and what to avoid on specific days and what not.

I've still been entering my contests. I'm currently neck and neck with the other lady on, so please, click and vote!

Vote, vote, vote! It costs nothing to you, but might get me a bit more in my Disney stash!!!
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